What alternatives existed for bringing full-fibre gigabit broadband services around Baughurst Parish?

There were two basic options:

  • we could wait (for an indeterminate time) for a national operator, with or without public sector support, to build a full-fibre network here; or

  • we could seize the opportunity to do it ourselves.

It was tempting to think that option one could work. This is after all the approach that central and local government have been promoting and attempting to implement since 2012, at least as far as so-called superfast broadband ( >24Mbps download speed) is concerned.


The difficulty is that the only construction that has taken place in our community is a single new cabinet, installed in the last few months, which still means that broadband is delivered over copper phone lines, many of which are 50 to 100 years old. The existing infrastructure cannot deliver the gigabit capable services which we need, and which the government is now promoting as essential to our future: full-fibre direct to every home and business in our community is required.


So we could have continued to wait, but we took steps to build and deliver what we want for our community, when we want it, and for our broadband services to be superior to 95% of the broadband delivered across the UK today. Hampshire Community Broadband is making this a reality.

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