Support FAQ's

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to enable you to make the most of your ultrafast broadband. 

These notes are necessarily somewhat simplified and are written in non-technical language. For the more advanced user, we have written more detailed guides on some specific subjects -- you can find these guides here

If your question relates to GBVS Vouchers, Billing, Policies, or Terms & Conditions, please follow the links given.

For further support information and access to our team and our champions, follow the given link or email or phone us at:

T: 01635 016019


  1. Installation planning

  2. Fibre Optic Router connections

  3. Ethernet cable connections

  4. Wi-Fi Connections

  5. Pop-up blockers

  6. What do lights flashing on the router mean?

  7. VOIP Phone connectivity

  8. Vonage box connections

  9. E-mail FAQs

  10. Speed testing

  11. Video conferencing

  12. TV Streaming Services

  13. TV Premium Content – streaming

  14. TV Premium Content – downloading

  15. Radio streaming national and global

  16. Music streaming – free and premium

  17. Cloud computing

  18. Social media

  19. Collaborative computing

  20. Security

  21. Password storage

  22. Mobile phone connectivity

  23. Parental controls

  24. Troubleshooting

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