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Why do I need better broadband?

Many people particularly those constrained by poor broadband availability as in the Baughurst area think of broadband needs in terms of a few emails and some limited browsing. In truth, our current broadband infrastructure allows us little more. But increasingly the nature of our usage of full-fibre ultrafast networks is driven by the factors below, where email and browsing barely feature:

  • Central and local governments’ ‘Digital by Default’ policy

  • Best deals on everything are to be found on-line

  • Streamed video services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix have overtaken traditional broadcast or satellite TV

  • Our children are significantly disadvantaged in education

  • Health care and avoidance of isolation and loneliness can be key benefits

  • Landline and mobile phone services can be replaced

  • Laptops or tablets not needed: simply talk to the Internet using Artificial Intelligence agents like Siri and Amazon Echo/Show, etc.


All of these factors lead to a significant increase in the value of property and its saleability – residential estate agents indicate price differentials of between 2% and 8% – where full-fibre broadband is available.