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Will it cost more to have the HBL service installed if I live far away from the main cable?

Not normally in the way your question is raised.


For standard installations, which we believe will be 95%+ of connections, we bring the service to the nearest point in the field or road adjacent to the curtilage of your property, and then undertake the soft dig (through lawns, beds, under flagstones, etc.) to the chosen entry point on your property. We will then install the connection and fibre hub (the equivalent of a router and wi-fi access point), and fully test and demonstrate how it works.


Non-standard installations are those which involve:

  • distances above 100m

  • hot-lay tarmac required to reinstate the ground

  • more than 5m of concrete or tarmac area to be reinstated

  • over 3m of block paving or flag stone to be lifted and reinstated

  • some other unusual surfaces that will need specialist skills to lift and reinstate.


If you wish us to undertake such additional work as above, our contractor will quote you for such work, or you may use your own contractor or gardener. Please see our installation guide for more details.