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What broadband speed do I need?

Broadband speeds (aka bandwidth) are a common metric used to give some indication of what the user experience will be. Unfortunately, the measures typically used today (promises of ‘up to’ download speeds only) are of limited value and, at times, misleading. The actual performance experienced by a user is a more complex measurement; technically this can be measured in terms of committed information rate (also now called assured speed), upload speeds, jitter, latency, mean time between failure (aka reliability) and response time to fix problems. There are also subjective measures such as customer call handling, complaints procedures, recompense for service outages and failure of the operator to meet promised deadlines.


We have engineered our network and services to address all these points, and have committed ourselves to deliver a superior broadband experience, whatever your measure. We have done this by implementing a full-fibre network, running in native mode at gigabit speeds, with services tailored to the local community's needs. Also, should things go wrong or you need questions answered, you no longer need to talk to a call handler in India – we will provide 24/7 reporting locally. And you will no longer need to involve your MP in chasing another operators’ management you can personally call on any of our directors as they all live in the community.


We have decided to offer three services initially, all of which meet every government specification and are true speed offerings not ‘up to’, and only available to 10% of the customer base. We have a Home 100/10 service offering 100Mbps download, 10Mbps upload (meeting the EU standard for Ultrafast); a Home 100/100 Ultrafast service offering 100Mbps both download and upload, and a Business 100/100 service with priority traffic handling, improved response times and a free static IP address.


The Home 100/10 service is ideal for a residential user with mostly download usage, for someone currently constrained by their present non-fibre service and whose requirements are relatively light –  one or two people in the household, wanting relatively light usage of audio and streamed video services (like BBC iPlayer), and probably having around four or fewer Internet connected devices (like PCs, laptops, set-top SD and HD TV boxes, tablets, smartphones and Kindles) in addition to email, cloud computing and fast browsing. A larger family – say four or more, particularly if teenagers are part of the household – would be well advised to look at the Home 100/100 service. This is particularly true if you have a large number of Internet connected devices and have taken the advantage of acquiring a 4K UHD television. It is a true world-class symmetric service offer for a residential user uploading photos/graphics, gaming, cloud computing and working from home.

For business users, we offer our Business 100/100 service with all the attributes of the Home 100/100 service, but with priority traffic handling, improved response times and a free static IP address. Ideal for everyone from sole traders up to SMEs with 250 employees. If you want even faster service, just get in touch – we can offer dedicated, customised services of up to 1000/1000 (Gigabit) speeds. 


You will not be tied to any service for a long period of time you can increase or decrease your service offering at any time by giving us one month’s notice. In the very unlikely event that you are not happy with any of our services, you can cancel with the same one-month notice after the initial 12-month contract period.


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