What services will I be able to use over the Hampshire Community Broadband network?

The fundamental service provided by Hampshire Community Broadband is a full-featured, reliable, assured speed broadband network, based on a dedicated backbone link into our community not shared with anyone else.


There will be no restriction on data usage, though we have an Acceptable Use Policy which ensures that the use of the broadband service adheres to all legal and governmental standards. We do not have any ‘throttling’ of heavy users – as is frequently the case with incumbent suppliers. We will continuously monitor the total network performance and add backhaul capacity should this be needed to support our customers.

All email services are supported over the network, but Hampshire Community Broadband (along with most Internet Service Providers) does not intend to be a provider of email itself. We suggest that users may wish to consider the full range of services available from major email service providers such as Google Mail and Outlook/Hotmail. At the same time, you will normally be able to keep your existing email address if you wish – many providers allow this without any additional charge, others (including BT) make this available for a monthly charge.

Over the broadband network, you will be able to use Voice over IP technology to have landline and/or mobile access, at calling rates significantly below the rates of current incumbent suppliers. There is no practical limit to the number of landline numbers you may have, all within the local numbering plan. You can also have additional numbers based on London numbering or indeed most major cities in the world, enabling people to call you at local rates from overseas.


All advanced calling features – number display, voicemail, call forwarding, time of day routing, etc. are supported, and all without additional charge. We have partnered with Vonage Ltd, the largest UK provider of VOIP services and recommend them for most users.  Monthly prices for Vonage start at £9.25 a month including VAT, and this covers unlimited calls to UK geographic numbers. Alternatively, you can use a no-fixed-fee provider where you need pay only for actual calls made (to UK geographic numbers and much of the world) at a price of about 1p per minute. You will be able to port across your existing number if you wish, for which a small administrative charge may be payable. Voice quality will meet or exceed any existing analogue landline calls.

Using a smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop, with a one-time low-cost app, you will be able to make and receive phone calls on such devices at the same attractive rates. Video calling is fully supported, and you can use your TV to hold family meetings anywhere in the world, from your living room. Calls between voice and video VOIP devices anywhere in the world can be made without charge, as can Skype or Google Hangout video calls. Conference video calling is also supported.

Full-quality radio and music services from across the globe can be accessed, mostly for free. Certain advert-free music services such as Spotify, Apple iTunes and Amazon Music are supported at their normal subscription rates. Voice access to such services using Amazon Echo, Show or Dot devices – or their Google or Apple equivalents – are available, and we fully support all Sonos high-quality audio systems.

The network will support streamed TV services in HD, or even (where available) in 4K Ultra High Definition quality. Most UK terrestrially broadcast TV stations can be streamed live or via catch-up using the broadcasters' apps, such as iPlayer. Again there are a very wide variety of channels available worldwide without charge, but where premium content is desired, companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky, Sky Sports, etc. are available at their standard subscription rates.

Late release movie and TV show content is available on a pay-per-view basis, as are many worldwide sporting events. The only restriction currently is that BT does not make BT Sport available over many other networks, though this may change in the future.

When using such services, no external aerial or satellite dish is normally required (there are current restrictions to this in the case of Sky services), so these can be removed from your property to benefit the aesthetics of the whole area.

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