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Installation planning

Our HCB/BoxCom installation engineers will consult with you regarding the siting of the Fibre Optic Router, the ingress of the fibre itself through the outside wall of your house, and the routing of your fibre optic cable from the curtilage of your property up to the point of entry. 

The main menu – Installations – gives the detail of this process. However, many people wish to have further guidance on where to place their router for maximum effect, in terms of the onward propagation of the network – both wired and wireless – within the property. The notes below give some guidance on the issues you may wish to think about, which influence your choice.

Traditionally with conventional ADSL or FTTC broadband – as installed by BT Openreach – the router is sited next to the main incoming copper distribution box, and in turn this box is in the same place as the phone service entry point. Although a good location for use by phone handsets, it is frequently not the place where the majority of data-hungry devices – like PCs, laptops, TVs and smartphones/tablets – are actually used. 

If you currently have networking cables (Cat5 or Cat6) running throughout your property connected to the ethernet ports of your current router, as well as copper phone line extensions running to additional standard phones, then the current location is probably a sensible choice.


In many cases however an alternative location may suit your needs better. These days there may well be 20+ Internet enabled devices, even in a relatively simple home network, and this number is expected to grow significantly as more devices become attached as the 'internet of things' develops. Many of the devices being attached are in themselves movable – like smartphones and tablets – and these devices are used everywhere from the kitchen, through the living areas and into the bedrooms – and seamless connectivity is expected. 

Many of the issues with Wi-Fi are explained in our user guide to Wi-Fi. If you are intending to rely on using Wi-Fi effectively around your property, you should read this guide and seek advice if needed, either from one of our 'champions' or from an external networking specialist.